Table 06

Let's answer your questions!

Are the wipeable tablecloths and placemats machine washable?

Do not machine wash. Wipe clean with a damp cloth. If needed, add a gentle soap, or spray. If your cloth/placemat is in need of some deeper cleaning, read the tips found under: "How can I treat a stain?"

Are the wipeable tablecloths/placemats spill proof?

Yes, the TOP side of both wipeable products are spill proof. Any spills will stay on the surface and will not soak through. Just wipe up and keep hosting. The underside of these products are not coated and will see more wear. Spot clean if needed.

Are the wipeable tablecloths/placemats stain resistant? 

Yes! Both wipeable products resist stains - but are not 100% stain proof. Food, drink, sauces and oils were extensively tested for staining. ALMOST ALL clean up without a trace. To prevent staining, we recommend immediately wiping up highly pigmented spills - like red wines/juices, red sauces and dark mustards. If you have messier humans in your life - choose the darker patterns. Table 06 is not responsible for products that are stained/damaged during use.

How can I treat a stain on my wipeable tablecloth/placemat? 

We wish that the word "stain" did not exist! But, since it does...we recommend treating stains using Comet or Soft Scrub. Apply cleaner with a little water and scrub with brush. For a stubborn stain - let cleaner sit on the stain, scrub again and wipe off.

Use a Magic Eraser on crayon markings and similar crafts.

Some stains will not come out as the product is stain RESISTANT, but not 100% stain proof. If you have messier humans in your life - choose the darker patterns. Table 06 is not responsible for products that are stained/damaged during use.

Can I iron my wipeable tablecloth?

Yes, you can iron and/or steam your wipeable tablecloth. We worked hard to make sure this was an option! While designed to be a casual table cover - we love to iron our tablecloths and dress them up for nicer gatherings.

Iron the reverse side (side without the spill proof coating) on medium heat. To protect the integrity of the coating, do not turn your heat setting too high. Table06 is not responsible for damage to your tablecloth due to high heat ironing.

** Like all tablecloths, your cloth will come to you with creases from packaging. We like to iron a new tablecloth before we use it for the first time. The cloth will also naturally relax laying on a table in the sun.

Is my wipeable tablecloth made for indoors or outdoors?

Yes to both! While these tablecloths were created to be an OUTDOOR STAPLE, we love to dress them up for indoor use as well. We love seeing them on your family table. We love hearing that you use them for your picnics and barbecues - and that they are perfect for eating popsicles by the pool. We love that you take this tablecloth on your camping trips, have a set at the lake house, and keep one in your car for days at the park.

What is the material of my wipeable tablecloth?

Your tablecloth is 100% flexible, tight weave poly, with a non-toxic wipeable coating. Our products are PVC-FREE. Don’t worry, your tablecloth does NOT have a fuzzy backside. The back of the tablecloth is simply non coated FABRIC.

How do I pick the right size tablecloth?

Tables come in so many different sizes. For the best fit, measure yours. In general - the small will seat 4-6, medium will seat 6-8, large will seat 8-10. If you can't measure the table that you are buying for, and are unsure which size will work, we recommend sizing up. 6 foot fold down outdoor tables will use size medium. Sizing dimensions shown in product details.

Will rectangular tablecloths work for an oval table?

Yes! While rectangular tablecloths do not work for circle tables, they are great for oval shaped tables. Remember to measure your table before picking your size.

What is the material of my wipeable placemats?

The top side of your placemats are made of PU faux leather. The underside is made of cotton canvas. This product is PVC-FREE.

What if the product I ordered has a flaw?

That is SO frustrating - for us too! We work hard to make sure our quality is top notch. If something of lesser quality slips by - PLEASE reach out to us. We will absolutely make it right!

How do I start a return?

We want you to be happy! For instructions, please click "Start A Return" under the contact button.

When will more designs be released?

New patterns and colors coming soon - because having something to look forward to is always fun!