The Product We Have Needed For Years...

The Product We Have Needed For Years...

The product we have needed for years, now carefully created and designed for you!

From 4th of July cookouts, to team dinners - we host a lot. For years we’ve had a need for practical tablecloths…that still look good. When we couldn’t find the type of product we were looking for, we began creating Table 06! 

We spent years developing our wipeable tablecloths. In the development process we researched and tried to become experts on the tablecloth industry. We ordered any tablecloth that might have qualities we were looking for. We tested plastic, vinyl, oilcloth, linens, french cloth, etc. We bought high end, low end and everything in between. We evaluated these products extensively. We tested staining, ironing, durability, weight, finishing edges, coatings, softness, drape, folding, color, weave, fabric blend, weather resistance, and more. 

The more we tested, the more confident we were that the product we needed did not exist. This was exciting. We created a wipeable tablecloth that bridges the gap between linen and vinyl. Wipeable, water and spill resistant, PVC-free, durable, soft draping and ironable. Phew! High criteria to meet, but we worked, sampled, and tested different versions of our product until we were satisfied. We have brought to market a new kind of indoor/outdoor tablecloth. Simply the most useful tablecloth you will ever own. And it’s beautiful - of course. 

Table 06 remains committed to providing quality in a world saturated by cheaply made products. Because “cheap” reigns right now, consumers have come to believe they have to pay in excess for quality. At Table 06 we believe that durable, high quality items should still be affordable. You should not be paying hundreds of dollars for a well made tablecloth. You should not be paying $30 for a single placemat. You should expect reasonable pricing. We want you to open our products and feel surprised by the premium feel and quality of the finishes. We want you to serve countless meals on our products and know your money was well spent. We hope our prices allow you to buy multiple sets of tablecloths, multiple sets of placemats. We want you using and loving Table 06! 

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